Inner-Circle Membership serves small business owners by 
providing the following three benefits:
  • Inspiration offered through weekly business devotionals delivered straight to your inbox.
  •  Counsel provided through direct email access to our experts, as well as featured interviews and trainings made available on the membership web site.
  •  Community facilitated through our private online membership group where you can engage in encouraging discussions with peers.
BBBC is a self-paced, 10-module business development online course designed to help you comprehensively overhaul your business to align it with Biblical principles and maximize its potential.

Featuring 10 video/powerpoint teaching sessions, module guides, worksheets, downloadable resources, our own MAAX Performance Tracker tool, and much, much more!
Covers the following topics...
  •  Purpose Redefined
  •  Biblical Growth Strategies
  •  UME Marketing
  •  ELCT Counsel
  •  Cash-Flow, Profit, and Debt
  •  Secret to Free Time
  •  Employee Motivation
  •  Workplace Ministry
  •  Leadership Development
  •  Performance Management
This book presents an exposition of the Ten Commandments, found in Exodus 20:1-17, through the perspective of a small business owner, demonstrating how the principles within each of the commandments can be applied to your business. 

Discover what each of the commandments means for your business and gain practical considerations for application to help you make changes in your business to more align yourself and your business with the truth of Scripture.
Covers the following...
  • ​Exposition of the Ten Commandments from a small-business perspective.
  • ​The blessings that obedience to the commandments brings to your life and your business.
  • ​The dangers of breaking the commandments and ramifications for your business. 
  • ​Includes practical Take Away sections to help break down key points into application that you can start using right away!
See What Others Are Saying:

“This is very powerful! I enjoyed every word and I can really see this book helping many small business owners. This is very needed. Excellent book!”
—Handre De Jongh, Crown Financial Ministries, Vice President, Global Outreach

“Adam Hall has done us all a favor by structuring his book after the Ten Commandments. In doing so, he is proclaiming the absolute sufficiency and applicability of the Bible. He draws from his many years of personal experience and connects that experience with the Word of God, proving that God is true, and that you can trust Him by obeying Him in every aspect of your business. I’ve never seen a book like this that so explicitly explains the Ten Commandments to prepare us for a life of business.” 
—Scott Brown, President, National Center for 
Family-Integrated Churches

A must have for every business owner! A biblical, motivational, and easy-to-read book with practical tips to help align your new or existing business with the Word of God...." 
—Jennifer Massey, DDS, owner, 
Seven Lakes Family Dentistry

“Awesome! For those wanting to check for blind spots in the way that they honor God in the business they manage, or for those who are new to business or the faith, this is an indispensable resource. Great real life examples and practical steps ready for use. You will be blessed simply by reading; everyone around you will be blessed by your implementation.” 
—Art McKee, president, 
McKee Investment Planning

"Brilliant book filled with insights about applying God's word to business. It is clear that Hall has thought through this subject deeply. Read this book and find yourself challenged and encouraged to apply biblical ethics in the workplace. This should be required reading for every young Christian 
in business school."
 – Bob Allen, Jr., President, D. R. Allen & Son, Inc.

In reading and meditating on the words within, I was filled with the spirit of truth and integrity that we all must possess in order to fully receive God's true blessings. I strongly urge all Christians and every business leader to practice what it preaches.” 
—Tommy Honeycutt, President, 
Tolar Supply Company

"Just as adhering to the principles of the Ten Commandments makes everyone a better citizen, adhering to the Ten Commandments for Business can make every manager better and can help the businesses they manage become more profitable." 
—Dan Hayes, President, 
Stedman Drug Center and Eastover Drug

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